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At IRRTC we recognise that the level, quality and availability of training in physical rescue and medical rescue provision is not always the same.

In fact, we have worked in many countries where there is no localised response or it is provided by willing volunteers who have limited equipment and little to no training. In some areas there is no provision for hundreds of miles.

Even in countries that do have localised responses the distances between stations can be immense leading to extremely prolonged response times. This is compounded even further if you are unable to obtain effective communication links due to telephone coverage.

In the event of a vehicle incident minutes really can cost lives because if you cannot access your casualty then you cannot effectively treat your casualty. If the casualty has a serious bleed or airway difficulties then time is certainly not in your favour.

All organisations have a legal responsibility to protect their staff and what is clear is that one of the biggest threats to an organisations workforce or their clients is the travelling to and from their sites which can often be in a remote location. Many organisations will have this identified this hazard within their own risk analysis but up until now there have been limited options in reducing this identified risk and applying effective control measures to reduce this risk. Also, by providing an effective control measure organisations may also be able to receive financial savings on corporate annual insurance premiums.

In order to tackle this issue we at IRRTC have designed two courses specifically designed which we call ‘Specialist Rescue Responders’ for any organisation who wish to provide an effective emergency response themselves until further help arrives. In addition, you will be taught lifesaving skills which will allow you to provide emergency medical care with limited resources on the scene of any incident.

Equality and Diversity

At IRRTC all our trainers recognise the importance of cultural diversity, equality, religion and dietary needs and are trained to ensure that this is respected for all students and taken into consideration during delivery of all our rescue and medical training packages.

Bespoke Solutions

All customers’ needs differ from each other and we are keen to give you the right rescue and medical training service tailored for you so please let us know any specific requirements and we will incorporate this into your bespoke package.

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IRRTC Specialist Rescue Responder Courses

Specialist Rescue Responder Introduction

2 Day Course

This is a two day introduction to Vehicle rescue and Trauma care which covers aspects such as;

  • Scene Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Equipment Safety and Use
  • Casualty Stabilisation
  • Initial Vehicle Access
  • Basic Rescue Techniques
  • Casualty Removal and Basic Trauma Care

Specialist Rescue Responder Advanced

5 Day Course

This is an advanced five day full vehicle rescue course which covers all of the two day course but also includes;

  • Advanced Rescue Techniques
  • Intermediate Casualty Care including PFC (Prolonged field care) which is vitally important where there is no robust rescue and/or medical response infrastructure


Each course is specifically designed and tailored for your organisation to work with limited rescue equipment which can be found in our ‘Emergency Rescue kit’ and therefore can be carried in any vehicle to any location meaning wherever you are in the world your workforce has an immediate rescue capability. Having this capability in your company’s car or in your convoy greatly increases rates of survivability especially if you or your team are trained to use it effectively.

Either specialist course can be delivered in your home country or at either of our two training sites in the United Kingdom.

Can you really afford to ignore the risk to your workforce or your clients/guests?


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