Neil Pedersen - Founder / CEO -

Neil Pedersen – Personal Bio

Over the past 28 years Neil has been a fully operational member of the British Fire Service specialising in Training and Development and Overseas project design and has led training to colleagues in various aspects of Fire service operations both here in the UK and also numerous countries around the world.

He has both a varied and also extensive experience in the emergency service sector and in particular practical applications for dealing with operational and emergency service recommendations up to and including Strategic level reviews.

In addition, he has also had significant experience in Vehicle extrication training, Incident Command, Multi Agency Interoperability, Investigations, Research and Development, Major Incident Logistical management and Overseas Project development.

Since 2000, he has been an assessor for the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO) and assess in both Technical Rescue and Command and Control at Regional, National and International level. He is currently the UKRO deputy lead for extrication in the UK and also the chair of the Extrication Review Group (ERG) which has the responsibility for developing extrication rescue standards within the UK.

For 3 years he was the lead instructor at the National Fire Service College, Moreton in Marsh and delivered and developed numerous rescue courses for both UK and Overseas students. During this time period he trained hundreds of rescue professionals from many countries across the world.

“1.2 million people die every year at RTC’s and 50 million are injured – Lets work together to reduce those figures!”


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