Justin Hudson - Associate Trainer -

Justin Hudson – Personal Bio

I have worked in the frontline emergency service industry for 23 years and my many years of experience have been in the managing and extrication of casualties from an entire range of emergency situations and scenarios, from; RTC’s, Aviation incidents, Railway incidents, rescues from height and in water etc., and have attended many high-profile incidents during this time.

My skills have been further enhanced through my involvement with CBRN and USAR teams which have also given me knowledge and experience in dealing with HAZMAT and protracted major incidents.

I also regularly train and work with my colleagues in the Ambulance service and Helicopter Emergency Medical services (HEMS)teams to ensure my medical skills are honed and relevant to modern medical practices.

As my qualifications indicate, I am heavily involved with the practical application and the teaching of Pre – hospital medical and clinical procedures, this includes workplace first aid all the way up to and including Intermediate Trauma courses.

My teaching style is professional, friendly and my lessons are enhanced by my interactive, common sense approach whilst my day to day front line emergency service experience brings credibility and realism to my courses and enables me to tailor a course to suit the students.


FAW (First aid at Work), IEC (Immediate emergency care), ILS (Immediate life support), PILS (Paediatric immediate life support), FPOS (First person on scene), PHTLS (Pre- Hospital Trauma life support), PHECP (Pre-Hospital emergency care provider), DTLLS (Diploma in teaching in the lifelong sector), City & Guilds level 2 in high risk confined space rescue.

“Sharing experience and Knowledge is the key to saving lives”


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