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IRRTC rescue and trauma training

At IRRTC we pride ourselves in providing approved rescue and trauma training for rescue professionals, private companies and voluntary sector workers globally.


With well over 150 years of combined emergency rescue experience in delivering rescue and trauma training nationally and internationally, we specialise in providing emergency responders with the best possible skills and training to learn the latest techniques and procedures to save lives through pre hospital care and rescue.

All of our training packages can be delivered here in the UK or we can facilitate training in your country to minimise personnel movements and prevent any disruption to your team’s normal working arrangements.

We also recognise that equipment and training is varied from country to country and will tailor our rescue and trauma training packages to maximise the resources available to your teams rescue capabilities.


Equality and Diversity

At IRRTC all our trainers recognise the importance of cultural diversity, equality, religion and dietary needs and are trained to ensure that this is respected for all students and taken into consideration during delivery of all our training packages.

Bespoke Solutions

All customers’ needs differ from each other and we are keen to give you the right service tailored for you so please let us know any specific requirements and we will incorporate this into your bespoke package.

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