Rescue and medical training for rescue professionals -

National and international rescue training.

At IRRTC we pride ourselves in providing approved rescue and medical training for rescue professionals, private companies and voluntary sector workers globally.


With well over 150 years of combined emergency rescue experience in delivering rescue and medical training nationally and internationally, we specialise in providing emergency responders with the best possible skills and training to learn the latest techniques and procedures to save lives through pre hospital care and rescue.

All of our training packages can be delivered here in the UK at our state of the art training facility or we can facilitate training in your country to minimise personnel movements and prevent any disruption to your team’s normal working arrangements.

We also recognise that equipment and training is varied from country to country and will tailor our training packages to maximise the resources available to your teams rescue capabilities.


Equality and Diversity

At IRRTC all our trainers recognise the importance of cultural diversity, equality, religion and dietary needs and are trained to ensure that this is respected for all students and taken into consideration during delivery of all our rescue and medical training packages.

Bespoke Solutions

All customers’ needs differ from each other and we are keen to give you the right rescue and medical training service tailored for you so please let us know any specific requirements and we will incorporate this into your bespoke package.

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Our Team

Neil Pedersen - IRRTC

Neil Pedersen

CEO / Founder

“I am a fully committed rescue professional who is dedicated to saving lives through training and education of rescue workers across the globe. Just one life saved makes all the hard work worthwhile.” Learn More  

Steve North - IRRTC Team member

Steve North

Founder / Rescue Director

“For the past 25 years I have dedicated myself to saving lives and improving standards of rescue crews both here in the UK and Overseas. I still believe that there is much more to teach before hanging up my overalls!!” Learn More

IRRTC team member Avatar

Michael Maybin

Director / Instructor / Medical / Specialist

“I am passionate about training and upskill of others in the rescue field discipline. I diligently wish to approach this at all times to deliver the best for the most, for learning is like the horizon; there is no limit” Learn More

IRRTC team member Alan

Alan Patterson

Associate Trainer / Instructor

“I have always endeavoured to learn from my fellow professionals, and the experience and knowledge I have gathered over the period of my service, has enabled me to successfully develop others to achieve all emergency personnel’s aim that is to ‘prevent injury and save life’.” Learn More

Tony Eyres - IRRTC

Tony Eyres

Associate Trainer / Instructor

“I believe in training individuals and also teams to ensure that they are fully supported in their endeavours to become first class emergency rescue practitioners. Knowing that this can make a positive difference to a person’s life makes the job worthwhile.” Learn More

Justin Hudson - IRRTC

Justin Hudson

Associate Trainer / Instructor

“I am a dedicated, motivated and passionate clinical and technical rescue skills trainer who has worked hard to deliver high quality training in various environments to raise the standards of rescue workers” Learn More

IRRTC team member Pat

Pat Sheridan

Associate Trainer / Instructor

“Throughout my career I have always strived to improve standards in both technical rescue and medical rescue for emergency responders…We owe it to everyone involved in an emergency to be the best we can be” Learn More

IRRTC team member Nigel

Nigel Hinson

Associate Trainer / Instructor

“I am dedicated, motivated and passionate about my work. I’m a member of the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) where I am also the chair of the Non-Healthcare Professionals Group” Learn More

IRRTC team member Avatar

Specialist Instructors

Instructor / Specialist

IRRTC can supply several military and specialist instructors, former and current, serving in specialist areas of expertise delivering our medical and trauma approaches bespoke to client and customer needs. Learn More

IRRTC team member Avatar

Join Our Team

Associate Trainer / Instructor

Here at IRRTC we are always on the look out for highly professional instructors. If you would like to join our team then please send your details (In English) and CV through to our email address and we will get back to you.



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